Friday, March 14, 2008

WEGO Health Gets It Right

Media and PR Pros take note: If you want to know how to play nice with bloggers, follow the example of WEGO Health.

Apart from flattering me by acknowledging my asthma blog as a "leading" site in the space a few months back, they just invited me to participate in a survey on how they might improve their site to serve me, the blogger, better.

So, of course, what they really wanted to know was how I could serve THEM better...but they did it right!

Not only did they ask about my blog and how much traffic I have, how "influential" I am within the health community (not at all), etc...they also asked what kind of content and opportunities they could provide to keep me interested. Would I like discussions with healthcare leaders on the topics that interest me? (Yes) Would I like them to syndicate my blog? (Yes) Would I like to learn more about building traffic for my blog (Hmmm, I may know how to do that. I may not actually DO it, but I'm pretty sure I make a living doing that stuff.) Would I like to contribute to one of their blogs, or actively moderate a community of thousands? (Not particularly, but flattered you asked.)T

The survey was maybe 5-10 minutes long, but what a great effort. It was sent with a personalized email - and I mean personalized - referenced my last blog posts, asked how the kids were and everything!

I'm telling you, folks - the people at WEGO Health are GOOD.

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Adrienne said...

Wow! Thanks so much for your comments, Aimee! I'm looking forward to seeing what direction Mom 2.0 heads in. (Great name, by the way. It sounds like a book title to me.)